Hackett London Polo T-shirts to buy in the online store beautiful elegant and always stylish Hackett London, the home of the UK's Kit with a worldwide reputation for quality, luxury designer clothing for men's clothing and the ever popular British small clothes

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    hackett london buy sweatshirts shirts - a traditional brand of clothing and accessories, prepared to meet the tastes of boys of all ages, koie want to dress stylish and for whom the vagaries of fashion as a priority. British usages inspired clothing, but not standing still evolving repeatedly. Some things from the collections remain constant for twenty years, but says Jeremy Hackett "Our clothes do not wear out."

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    Jeremy Hackett (Jeremy Hackett) and Ashley Lloyd-Jennings (Ashley Lloyd-Jennings) met on Portobello Road, when combed the huge antiques market in search of a good second-hand clothes. This significant meeting and gave rise to their joint business, which began with the opening of the first store hackett london on New Kings Road in 1983 and has been in existence for over twenty years. Reselling excellent quality clothing and accessories that partners found at flea markets and antiques sales, hackett london name has become well-known brand and uvazhamy. When Jeremy and Ashley realized that the demand will always exceed their offer, they decide to start their own production. Starting from scratch, but it's good reading all the materials and the traditional British style, the partners have created the perfect collection of clothing and accessories.

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    By 1991, the partners had seven stores in London and a successful business in Spain. In 1995 starts the production of children's line "Essential British Kids" .In the beginning of the XXI century continues to open new stores in the UK, Spain and France. hackett london Today is presented in 15 European countries.